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Victim Resources


ncvli's victim resource map

The National Crime Victim Law Institute's Victim Resource Map is a tool for victims with links to organizations that provide aid, information, and support directly to victims of crime. Searchable by crime type or location, the map contains links to valuable national and state programs.



An organization solely dedicated to allowing survivors of sexual violence to heal through the practice of yoga. Survivors of trauma may suffer from physical pain and emotional unrest after experiencing a trigger or as a chronic underpinning of their daily activities. Trauma impacts brain functioning. The practice of trauma-sensitive yoga can help survivors establish safety and resource their body in a way that feels authentic and manageable.


the national center for victims of crime

The National Center for Victims of Crime has a number of resources available to assist victims of crime. Their National Help Line, VictimConnect, provides help for victims of any crime nationwide, and can be reached by phone at 1-855-4VICTIM (1-855-484-2846) or by online chat. The chat service is open between the ours of 10AM and 6PM EST, Monday through Friday.


An educational guide about domestic violence and substance abuse addresses the link between domestic violence and substance abuse, the role of substance use in sexual abuse, the cycle of sexual abuse and addiction, barriers to treatment, treating substance use disorders and domestic abuse, and additional resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led organization that aims to empower students to end sexual violence and dating at their schools. Know Your IX draws upon the civil rights law Title IX as an alternative to the criminal legal system—one that is more just and responsive to the educational, emotional, financial, and stigmatic harms of violence.